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Wolcott Green

Wolcott's green lies along Center Road, a major secondary road in the town of Wolcott. The town lies just north of Waterbury, and is characterized today by loose and rather uncoordinated suburban development. The green is located in Wolcott Center, a small community that has existed since the last quarter of the 18th century. The green appears to be an open, triangular park, surrounded by houses, church and town hall. In actuality, the green also includes the church and town hall sites, along with strips of land in front of some of the houses. Center Road is moderately, heavily traveled; Bound Line Road and Kenea Avenue are quieter side roads. Another street, Farmingbury Lane, is a residential cul-de-sac running only a short distance from the green.

The Congregational Church dominates one side of the green; it is a Greek Revival structure with a two-stage tower and portico, and a parish house addition to one side. Next to the church is a flagpole dedicated to town residents who served in Operation Desert Storm. Across the green from the church stands the town hall, a building that has grown by several stages through the 20th century. The latest remodeling, completed in 1990, has left the town hall without a major door facing the green; the principal entrance is at the rear, where the parking lot is. On the side facing the green is a brick-paved terrace with three spotlit flagpoles; the terrace is edged with very young oak trees and small shrubs in a semi-circular mulched bed. A wooden sign (also spotlit) saying "Wolcott Town Hall" stands on a low curved wall in front and to one side of the terrace.

The rest of the buildings facing the green are single-family houses; two built in the 18th century, three in the 19th, and one (the Congregational parsonage, next to the church) built in the mid-20th century.

The triangular park, or Green proper, is level and grassy. Large maple trees on it and some of the surrounding pieces of land give hints of the green's true extent, but the evidence is incomplete now. Smaller, but still mature, oaks and maples also stand in the park. More recently, very young beeches and flowering cherries have been planted along Center Road. A granite Civil War monument, erected in 1918, stands at the focal point of the green, in line between the church and the town hall. It is surrounded by small shrubs. To the east is an evergreen, apparently used as a town Christmas tree. At the point formed by the intersection of Kenea Avenue and Center Road is a short granite obelisk dedicated in 1993, to those who served in the world wars and in the Korean, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf wars. Short pine trees, ruthlessly trimmed, surround this monument. Benches stand near each corner of the park, and there is a picnic table near the corner of Kenea Avenue and Bound Line Road.

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