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Bethlehem Green

The Bethlehem green is a long triangular park along Route 61 (Main Street) in the center of Bethlehem. Route 61 is a busy highway not lending itself to pedestrian traffic. There are no walkways along Main Street nor on the green except for a few stepping stones at the south end of the green connecting the steps up from the street level to the Civil War monument.

Main Street splits at the south end of the green, dividing to form both the east and west boundaries of the Green. West Road forms the northern boundary of the green and the southern boundary of the Joseph Bellamy estate, a National Register property now owned by the Antiquarian Landmarks Society.

There are maple trees planted around the perimeter of the green, one dogwood near the obelisk, a scion of the constitution oak not far from the dogwood, and near the center of the green a very large evergreen tree decorated as a Christmas tree in the winter.

Near the base of the spruce to the south are five tablet-like monuments each one listing names of Bethlehem men and women who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the War of 1812, and the Revolution. These monuments form a semicircle flanked by benches and opposite the monuments to the south is a flagpole. Near the steps at the south end of the green is a large boulder with a bronze plaque listing the names of those who served in the Civil War and in World War I. Between this monument and the steps is a time capsule buried in 1976.

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