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"To experience the green is to experience Connecticut."

Connecticut's town greens have a rich and fascinating history and endure as symbols of hospitality and tradition. Come take a trip back through time, with author Rachel Carley as your guide, and learn about the history of town greens and the continuing vital presence they have for all who live in and visit Connecticut.

Landscape of the Imagination - An overview of the Connecticut town green - an icon of history, tradition, and community.
Guilford: Heart of the Community - The history of Guilford's common reflects the evolution of many greens from unkempt public utilitarian spaces to landscaped parks used for leisure and recreation.
Lebanon: Patriots and More - Unlike most greens, the Lebanon Green was never landscaped as a park. To visit this mile-long swath of open hayfield is to imagine how a town common may have looked in the eighteenth century.
Litchfield: Colonial Revival Town - The Litchfield Green is one of the state's most distinctive and recognizable symbols of rural beauty.
New Haven: The Elm City - A distinctive presence for more than 350 years, the New Haven Green serves as a relic of the oldest formally planned community in America.
Norwich: The Rose City - An historical study and celebration of Norwich's four prominent town greens.
Tolland: A Quiet Curiousity - The Tolland green is an historic town landscape so sidestepped by modern development that it appears to be frozen in the late nineteenth century.
Waterbury: The Brass City - Waterbury's green is an old meetinghouse common that has survived through the years as a symbol of continuity in a city substantially affected by the post-war decline in brass manufacturing.


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